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Forbes社がNASAのチーフデータオフィサーのRon Thompson氏にインタビューし、Arbinger社のトレーニングを紹介しています。

Forbesの記事(Nov 23, 2021)

<日本語訳>最近NASAでアービンジャーのアウトワードマインドセット研修を受講しました。自分自身から、相手の目的、ニーズ、挑戦、状況に目を向けるための機会になりました。その他、360度FBやフランクリン・コヴィー社のSpeed of Trust Transformation Processも受講しました。

<原文>“Some great trainings I have done throughout my career to help me develop these skills include Arbinger Institute’s Outward Mindset360 Feedback, and The Speed of Trust Transformation Process by Franklin Covey. We recently did the Outward Mindset course at NASA, which is focused on shifting from thinking about yourself and your experiences to making more of an effort to see and understand others – their objectives, their needs, their challenges, and their circumstances. I find 360 Feedback is also imperative to growth. But you should seek not only feedback from those who manage you, but also those you lead, and create a safe space for the latter to share candidly. The Speed of Trust drives a scalable, simple methodology that guides individuals, leaders, and organizations to become explicit and deliberate about creating a high trust, highly engaged culture focused on results.”